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Our Story

Nowhere in the world can give you a feeling quite like home. There’s the warmth, the security, that familiar feeling we all yearn for when we’ve been away from home for too long.

At Hemisphere Homes, we know the feeling well, all too well. With a host of building experience in England and New Zealand as well as experience in Australia, we’ve come home to the Midlands to share our passion for housing. We’re bringing Southern Hemisphere open plan living and modern undertones to quintessential brick and tile homes and we know you’ll love it as much as we do.

While you’re here, take a look around, we’re sure you’ll see something you like and if you have any queries, you can reach a friendly member of our team on 07452 820127.


  • Thoughtful design, and attention to detail, underpins a quality home.
  • Contemporary, modern design is paramount in today’s world.
  • Open-plan living creates light, multi-functional and social environment.
  • Customer-centric processes are key to a great relationship.
  • Flexibility, whether in design, process or delivery, is vital.
  • Customer service is of the utmost importance.


  • We spend time thinking about how the living areas in homes work to your best advantage.
  • We design homes to be the perfect light and spacious canvas on which you can stamp your mark.
  • We incorporate open-plan living to give an open and spacious feel to our homes
    We put you first every step of the way.
  • We offer flexibility in all aspects when delivery our homes to make your experience the best it can be.
  • We pre-empt your needs and proactively respond to your questions.
We’re a boutique homebuilder and by buying with us you deal directly with the people in charge. We don’t hide behind salesmen who have a script to stick too. We accommodate our customer’s needs in any way we can and we make decisions efficiently and thoughtfully to ensure the best outcome for all our home buyers.
Every aspect of our homes are designed with the finished article in mind; flow, atmosphere and practical use – ensuring you get the most out of your home life . Not only that but we design for you and your needs, depending on the build-stage at purchase we design our homes to your tastes at no extra cost.
Hemisphere Homes have decades of structural engineering and home-building behind our team and we build homes to the highest of quality standards and specification. But, just in case, you can rest assured that all of our homes come with a 10 Year New Build Home Proof warranty from Aedis for that extra peace of mind.

Thoughtful in design. Flexible in delivery. Quality in finish.