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Land Required

We can’t build beautiful homes without land on which to do so. We’re always on the lookout for plots of land ranging from single plots to large scale developments. If you have land or know of land available that you feel may suit our criteria and is suitable for development please contact us by either telephone or email. We appreciate the sensitive nature of potential sales of development land and have an inherent non-disclosure policy regarding any offers.

Building Land Required | Hemisphere Homes

Location, location, location. The most important aspect of acquiring land is location. We are always on the lookout for land with the potential to develop homes. Principally we operate in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire region as we know the area well, however, we would consider potential developments in other areas of the Midlands. As with most developers, we have a preference for greenfield land, but we are always happy to consider brownfield land developments. If you have or know of land available that you feel may suit our criteria please contact us by either telephone, email or the form below.


We have extensive experience in our team when it comes to redevelopments and we will always welcome suggestions and offers for redevelopments – from former commercial-use buildings to dilapidated homes. For more information or to discuss a potential development and how we might be involved please telephone, email or use the form below.

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