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F13 Ransom Hall
Ransom Wood Business Park
Southwell Road West
NG21 0HJ
United Kingdom

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Why Choose Hemisphere Homes?

There’s no one reason that will make you choose a Hemisphere Home much as there are few occasions where one sole reason will make you choose anything. Sometimes you just know. It is a culmination of all the right things, carried out in the right way and working with people that are genuine and caring. We put a lot of thought and effort into making sure our homes are just right, delivering the kind of quality and service that make a Hemisphere Home a home to be proud of.

What Makes Us Unique?

Traditionally speaking open-plan living was quite rare in the U.K. as homes were small and cosy, with rooms compartmentalised as closed-plan living was more appealing for warmth. However, as time marches on and building materials and heat-insulating products develop, we are seeing a rise in open-plan living. We are a progressive home-builder and, where possible, we incorporate open-plan living and foster a roomy and spacious atmosphere in all of our homes.

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27 W Bank Ave, Mansfield NG19 7DJ, UKF13 Ransom Hall
Ransom Wood Business Park
Southwell Road West
NG21 0HJ

Phone: 07452 820127

Thoughtful in design. Flexible in delivery. Quality in finish.